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Corsican voices

The voices vibrate and enchant, become passionate or remain sober in their expressiveness. Anchored in the heritage of Corsican polyphony, Barbara Furtuna is in keeping with an idea of openness and contemporaneity, giving its repertoire an original identity.
Patrick LABESSE - Le Monde
Maxime Merlandi, singing, guitar
André Dominici, singing
Favrice Andreani, singing, guitar, cetera
Jean-Philippe Guissani, singing

Created fifteen years ago in the heart of Nebbiu, Barbara Furtuna now travels the world. From the shores of the Mediterranean to the New York halls, from the high perched villages of Corsica to distant Asia, from collaborations with the baroque ensemble L'Arpeggiata or the tenor Placido Domingo, with the Belgian musicians of the Duo Belem or the ancient music of Constantinople, the four artists make the Corsican language radiate far from its borders. They thus give it a universal message of tolerance, a hand stretched out beyond the differences.

Faithful to the island's traditions, its values and its history, Jean-Philippe Guissani, Maxime Merlandi, Fabrice Andreani and André Dominici have opened an almost unique artistic path, refusing to let themselves be trapped in clichés and stereotyped repertoires.

In their music, worked on and magnified in each of its sonorities, in their texts, borrowed from the classical repertoire or born of their creation and their convictions, whose words have been weighed down to their slightest meaning, springs the absolute necessity to abolish borders, to build bridges where our societies, cold, build walls.

"It is the stage that carries us."

A journey made possible thanks to a requirement that is reflected in each of their performances; a journey made singular above all, thanks to a complicity that has undeniably, over the years, cemented the group and forged its character.

Barbara Furtuna, through its 900 concerts around the world, has not only established itself in the musical landscape but has consolidated its own relationship with its art and its audience. We are a stage band," says Jean-Philippe Guissani, "our audience is varied and eclectic, we address a wide audience, beyond generations and nationalities. Even today, it is the stage that carries us. »

This gift to the other certainly explains the beautiful longevity of the group, which was able to resist quite a few pitfalls. Complicity, patience, listening and friendship seem to guide the four men in their lives as well as in their repertoire. A repertoire that is often performed a capella and that requires one to evolve in full light, without fearing the other's gaze. "Knowing how to listen to oneself sing implies knowing how to listen to oneself speak. To work a capella implies that we expose ourselves, that we unveil ourselves, there is no artifice possible. »

Craftsmen and goldsmiths of their destiny and their songs, the four of Barbara Furtuna have chosen movement, both physical and spiritual, to become part, definitively, of the reality and modernity of our century.

An anchoring that we find in their fourth album, D'anima, and its 11 tracks that transport us to the very heart of the group's diversity: Un Ghjornu and Lamentu di u Castagnu, sculpted on a more traditional material, nevertheless give birth to surprising songs, full of ardour and vivacity and in fine of an incredible contemporaneity.
Maria, Si vita si, Incantesimu and Quantu Volte are proposed here in a new and totally reworked interpretation and orchestration.
An audacious tonality that also manifests itself in Mare Nostrum, terribly topical, and the timeless Goccia a Goccia, a little drop of hope to which the group gives all its density, or Ti dicerà, a magnificent ode to life and its beauties.
From beginning to end, D'anima offers a host of new and flamboyant colours, tones and sounds, a "gift" that is the culmination of fifteen years of passion and work.

"The world is such that we want to build it".

We can take action and get away from a short-term vision," they summarize. The world is as we want to build it, not as we experience it. »

From this philosophy was born the very essence of Barbara Furtuna whose name, if it refers to the "cruel destiny" of those who were forced to exile, or even to wander far from their native island, is here synonymous with exchange and sharing. "Identity is experienced today as a question of opposites. We believe that identity is above all a means of communicating with others.

But then, can we consider that today we can carry a universal message, while keeping our own identity intact? In this opus, as in her encounters, her travels, her tours, the concert halls she has visited, it would seem that Barbara Furtuna once again gives us a striking demonstration of this.

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